Statement after the videoobservation of the early parliamentary elections in Azerbaijan, 2020

Electoral irregularities on a mass scale: multiple voting, inflated turnout, “dead souls” and falsified PEC protocols


Executive summary: 

  • The work of 6 PECs in two regions of Azerbaijan (the capital, Baku and Qax in the northwestern part of the country) was analysed by Polish observers who used the footage from cameras installed in polling stations, which was publically available online 
  • In nearly all observed polling stations we discovered a significant inflation of turnout. In 4 out of 6 polling stations the official turnout was at least two times higher than the real one.
  • nearly 1 500 – the total number of so called “dead souls” we discovered (people who cast their ballots, according to official data, but never made it to the polling stations). PEC protocols were falsified in order to account for those “missing voters”
  • Some of the numbers were falsified through multiple voting by an organised group of people who were cooperating with the PEC members. 


The full statement can be accessed HERE

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